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  • Randy Scott
    Jun 23, 2003
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      But, you could have a larger penis AND a lower mortgage rate....


      --- In hreg@yahoogroups.com, RadiosityRB@a... wrote:
      > Naturally I hate Spam as everyone else does, but you checking up on
      every new
      > member is a tremendous amount of work for you. What criterion would
      use also,
      > as a new member of the list I haven't seen that much of a problem.
      I am a
      > member of a couple of other green lists though, that get no Spam.
      Spam is just
      > like the junk mail we get in our snail mail box at home, anything
      that looks
      > like garbage usually is, and I throw it away.
      > One of the other member mentioned about the series of
      letters like
      > ghtmnbg is Spam but if you pay attention it can also be something
      > fhjjjuyurffg673592. I don't even waste my time. But I do love some
      of the titles, they
      > try to get so creative. But I do hate to disappoint the spammers,
      with a voice
      > as deep as mine is I just don't feel I would look better with
      > breasts....
      > Greg Anderson
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