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  • Kim & Garth Travis
    Jul 20, 1999
      Welcome to Houston Renewable Energy Group's egroup.  I am Kim Travis, the acting secretary of the group and the moderator for this egroup.  I am still working on the notes from our last meeting, but since I did not become the secretary until almost the end of the meeting, the notes will be strictly from memory.  I will post what I have later this week.

      May I suggest that our members introduce themselves, as many will not have met in person.  After the intro, please let the group know what direction you would like to see the group take.  I will begin.

      My husband Garth and I have 20 acres about 100 miles north of Houston.  We raise emus, pigs, and chickens.  We are planning on getting into bamboo as a use for most of our land.  The main emphasis we have had so far in renewable energy is to build in a manor that does not require much energy to heat or cool and to incorporate hydronic heating & cooling systems.  We have a strong emphasis on environmental issues, both inside and outside the home.  At present, we are building a structure of fidobe and learning about solar cooking.

      We would like to see the group concentrate on renewable energy strategies that are in reach financially of the middle class(?) and that will work in our hot humid climate.  We find many contradictions in what we read, such as the use of trees to shade your house and the need for sun for PV panels.  We seek a better understanding to resolve these conflicts by.

      We are looking forward to hearing from everyone else.
      Kim & Garth Travis
      Stewards in Circumstance - The Rose Colored Forest
      Bedias, Texas

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