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  • Bridget Jensen
    Apr 3, 2003
      I'm attaching a flyer from Blueprint Houston that invites all Houstonians to
      participate in one of the upcoming area meetings to voice our visions for
      Houston's future and our ideas to plan for our city's future. There will be
      a follow-up Citizen's Congress at the George R. Brown on May 31st. The
      website for this citywide citizen initiative is

      Personally, I'd like Houston to use its current "energy capital" status as
      an opportunity to branch out to include renewable energy. The Zilka family
      sold its fossil fuel based company and now owns Zilka Renewables. Other
      investment-savvy people are also getting into renewables (look at the people
      behind Green Mountain Energy), so I think there can be a real case for
      Houston, which is known for its entreprenuerial spirit, to be on the cutting
      edge of expanding our use of various sources of energy. With NASA here, why
      not try to get funding for beaming solar energy back to earth? (There was an
      op-ed in the Chronicle about this not too long ago.) Maybe I'm dreaming,
      like when I dream that instead of the American Flag flying over the American
      General Building, there is a windmill.

      Whatever your vision may be, please attend one of the area meetings to share
      that vision and voice your priorities for the City's future.

      Bridget Jensen
      ph: 713-524-1290
      fax: 713-522-5623