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1833TWO hands-on PV workshops coming to Austin

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  • Kathryn Houser
    Feb 3, 2003
      TWO opportunities for hands-on PV design and installation workshops will be held in Austin this spring:

      SEI and Meridian Energy Systems brings you a co-ed workshop, March 24 - 29
      Texas Solar Energy Society is hosting a Women's Workshop, June 17 - 21, which will culminate in the installation of the class-designed 2kW system on an area school.  Details of each follow.

      Photovoltaic Design and Installation Workshop

      March  24 - 29, 2003  $550

      Participants in the PV Design & Installation workshop learn how to use PV (photovoltaic) technology to produce their own electricity from the sun through practical design and installation of PV systems. Participants learn system sizing, site analysis, hardware specification and component selection. The workshop covers typical applications and case study examples. Install an operational system in the field and learn the proper use of tools and safety precautions. This workshop is for the beginner who wants to use PV or for those seeking employment in the solar industry.

      Topics and Activities Include:

      • Home Applications 
      • Basics of Electricity 
      • Solar Site Analysis 
      • PV System Components 
      • Energy Efficient Appliances 
      • PV System Sizing 
      • Component Specification 
      • Electrical Wiring 
      • Safety Procedures 
      • Operation and Maintenance
      • Tours of PV Residences 
      • Laboratory Exercises 
      • Industry Representatives
      • Field Installation 

      For more information click here: http://www.solarenergy.org/pvdi.html

      Pre-registration is required. For details please visit www.solarenergy.org or contact SEI at 970.963.8855.

      SEI is a non-profit 501( c )3 educational organization whose mission is to help others to use renewable energy and natural building technology through education and technical assistance.

      Women’s Photovoltaic Design and Installation

      Tuesday, June 17 – Saturday, June 21,  8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. daily 

      $275 includes daily lunch
      Participants:  Min 8/ Max 30

      Marlene Brown, Sandia National Laboratory
      Debby Tewa, Sandia National Laboratory
      Janet Hughes, Owner, Janet’s Electric

      A solar electric workshop just for women.  Topics include:  basics of electricity; solar site analysis; PV system components; component specification; electrical wiring; safety procedures; tour of PV residences; 2-day actual installation of class-designed 2kW system at an area school campus. Materials included in registration fee: Sandia Lab’s “Stand-Alone Systems” and “Operation and Maintenance” manuals plus a specifically designed class notebook. Registrants are invited to stay together at the Austin Youth Hostel, located in a lovely park setting on the river, where the class work will be held.  Dormitory style lodging with kitchen privileges has been arranged for $16.50 per person per night.  Lunch is included in the registration fee, some of which will be prepared in solar ovens on site.

      Why women only?  Many women have little or no electrical experience.  Due to women’s lack of training in technology, they may be weary of attending a coed course with men who have grown up using power tools.  Providing a supportive learning atmosphere, an all women workshop may help overcome the social, political and economic barriers that keep some women from entering the PV field.

      Registration for this workshop will be on line in mid February through www.ases.org as part of the Solar 2003 national conference.

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