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  • Mike Ewert
    Jan 30, 2003
      I thought I had already sent CEC corrections, so thank you for following up.  I think the wording is fine and you mentioned most of the corrections, but also the P.O. box and e-mail address are old.  Those should be
      809 Shirleen Dr.
      Seabrook, TX 77586
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      Sent: Wednesday, January 29, 2003 2:05 PM
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      Subject: [hreg] Fwd: kreb earth day

      Dear Mike, Joyce, and HREGers,

      I have contacted KRBE and was given the name and email of the contact person for the KRBE/Green Mountain Earth Day. I sent him an email (copy attached) requesting details but have not heard back from him yet. Will let you know when I do.

      Also spoke on the phone just now with Sarah Doss at CEC. She says to just fill out the Exhibitor Application and send it in, which I will do this evening, and note that we want a booth next to the TSU booth.

      She says we are not yet in arrears on our annual dues since the request for payment has not yet been sent out to the members, which she will do soon. I will advise you when I receive it.

      They have not yet sent the 2003 Environmental Resourse Guide to the printer but will soon so if we want to make changes we need to get them in ASAP. I have  copied below what they presently have on our page. I assume we want Mike to replace Oral as president. Mike do you want to use your home email (mewert@...)? Also the phone number I have for you is 281-326-1853 is that what you want to use? Also Chris Boyer is VP and I need his email and phone number.

      Do we need to make any changes on the Purpose Statement or the Publications paragraphs? I know the meeting time is now the last Sunday of every quarter (Jan, Apr, Jul, and Oct), and I will take Oral off and put Chris on the Volunteer Opportunities.

      Please advise of any other changes needed.
      Charlie Mauch
      CEC Representative

      Areas of Interest

      Sustainable Development

      Houston Renewable Energy Group (HREG)

      P.O. Box 580469
      Houston, TX 77058

      Oral LaFleur, President

      Mike Ewert, Vice President

      Charlie Mauch, CEC Coordinator

      Purpose Statement: HREG is a local chapter of the Texas Solar Energy Society, with a mission to further the development of renewable energy and related arts, sciences, and technologies, with concern for the ecological, social, and economic fabric of our community and state. Members support local events, host workshops, and in general work to educate the community on the benefits of renewable energy.

      Publications: HREG releases the Houston RE News newsletter every quarter. Copies are available by subscribing to the group’s e-mail list at hregsubscribe@egroups.com.

      Meeting Time: Last Sunday of every other (odd-numbered) month, 2 p.m., at the TSU College of Science and Technology.

      Volunteer Opportunities: Call or e-mail Oral LaFleur or Mike Ewert.

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