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1823Net Metering

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  • Chuck Wright
    Jan 23, 2003
      I would like to update a note that I sent some time back
      regarding net metering in Texas.

      In response to my request to do a "distributed generation"
      attachment to the Oncor (TXU lines company) I had been
      informed that I could either choose to sell or not sell. If I
      chose not to sell, they would install a "one-way" electric
      meter, meaning no credit for whatever I put back into the
      system. This pretty much put Net Metering in a coma.

      Choosing to sell would require my registering with the PUC,
      and joining the club of large electric producers, with special
      metering, participating in the whole ERCOT mess, etc. Not
      attractive for a 2.5kW system!

      That is history.

      Well, the latest communication from Ken Brunkenhoefer
      has a revised interpretation that retains net metering. They
      have options "A", "B", and "C". Option "A" is the classic
      net metering, where you retain your bidirectional meter, though
      a monthly surplus would not be credited (no big deal). The
      other two options are variations that would allow fuller
      participation in the deregulated market, with accompanying

      All in all, very good news.

      This only reflects my specific experience with Oncor. I think
      that there is room in the current PUC rules for various
      interpretations, so I would like to hear of other experiences
      with other line companies. And of course, Minicipal utlities
      and Coops make their own rules.

      - C


      Chuck Wright