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  • Nubia Perez
    Jan 20, 2003
      Hello HREG...

      I have some exciting news to share!

      I have just finished a Solar Energy Workshop in Nicaragua with this great organization called Grupo Fenix (www.grupofenix.org). Six of us from the States came down to collaborate with this Nicaraguen-based group to implement and promote solar energy projects in rural communities. In the 2 weeks we were here, we installed a solar panel at a church, helped build solar cookers, learned about the theory about photovoltaics and how solar cells and modules work, had a workshop on hydro-electricity, and we even made our own personalized solar-powered battery chargers!
      They offer the program in January and in August. The exciting part is that it is completely grassroots, sustainable, and it��s growing!
      You should check it out.

      Hopefully I will be at the next HREG meeting, so maybe I can take pictures... or if anyone is interested I can e-mail them to you.

      Thank you,


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