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1776Re: Why is this so hard for politicians to understand?

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  • deviant <deviant@pdq.net>
    Dec 12, 2002
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      I agree that "payback" or "financial prudence" is not something to be
      ignored, just because we may not like it. The use of alternative
      energy generally requires a change. People need a motivation for
      change even if there were no cost. The higher the cost, the higher
      the motivation needed. Even if the lifetime cost of something is
      cheaper, most people choose to spend less today and more tomorrow.

      Just think about what we do to our own bodies. While the idea of
      detrimental cost to our ecology is important enough for some, most
      would still require some sci-fi like device where they see that
      spending on x, removes y days from their personal life. (like buying
      the doughnut costs 60 cents + 5 minutes of your life) But then
      again, many will still choose to lose the minutes, since its "the
      last minutes anyway." And so the frog boils.

      -Greg (who did buy a pv system, geothermal, solar thermal,....)

      --- In hreg@yahoogroups.com, "Kevin L. Conlin" <kconlin@s...> wrote:
      > Sorry, Steve, we're not all as enlightened as you, but if you took
      a moment to jab, why not share the new term with us ignorant folk?
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      > Subject: Re: [hreg] Why is this so hard for politicians to
      > Not to get involved in a bunch of useless rhetoric but the
      term "payback" is more than obsolete.
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