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  • Robert Bruce Warburton
    Nov 7, 2002
      You can forget about any improvements in air quality over the next two years. There will be no money for T.E.R.P. with the impending enormous budget deficits and all Republican
      state office holders as well as Republican control of the legislature. They will ask for the elimination of the 2007 ozone standards that Texas was facing. The Bush administration and Republican controlled Congress will be more than happy to eliminate the standard. Also, they will eliminate the Partnership for a New Generation Vehicle (PNGV) program that Al Gore started. This program was designed to create automobiles that could get 70 miles a gallon. GM, Ford, and Daimler/Chrysler were talking about fuel efficiency of around sixty miles to the gallon. Since the election, do not expect to see anything other than the hybrid Escapes and Dodge Durangos from these companies. Nissan, Toyota, and Honda will still put money into these technologies. Other than fuel cell research, the so called "American Auto makers" will do nothing else but talk about the promise of fuel cells. That technology is not going to be available in automobiles this decade. As for federal energy research, expect a big increase in research on so called "clean coal technology." The renewables they will not spend much if anything on. They may spend money on nuclear fusion, new nuclear reactors, and drilling for oil and gas in deeper waters. There will be a new vote next year on opening up ANWR, and we might actually create an office on the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel. The incentives for electric vehicles will expire as planned.
       Hello HREGers,
      Is everyone aware of this event? Anyone plan to attend?

      > Good Company Associates
      > Presents:
      > The Clean Energy Policy Forum, to be held on
      > Wednesday, December 4th, at the Austin Downtown OMNI
      > Hotel.
      > This one-day conference is designed to launch a
      > public discussion of important energy and clean air
      > issues destined for debate in the 78th Texas
      > Legislature.  It will provide leading figures from
      > state government and industry, consumer and
      > environmental advocates, an opportunity to share
      > their insights on how energy efficiency, renewable
      > energy, and new technologies like advanced meters,
      > new engines, emissions reducing fuels/devices, and
      > fuel cells can help Texas achieve clean air
      > standards.   Texas is faced with significant hurdles
      > to achieving the federal health-based air quality
      > standards in many of its major metropolitan, and
      > surrounding, areas.  Plan to participate in the
      > discussion of the upcoming legislative action.
      > The registration form, hotel information, sponsors,
      > and complete schedule information are available
      > on-line at
      > www.goodcompanyassociates.com/subj/forum.php.
      > Registration is free to legislators, state agency
      > directors and their staff and very affordable to
      > others.
      > Brief Summary:
      > The Texas Emissions Reduction Plan's (TERP)
      > voluntary programs that were passed in the last
      > legislative session are short on funds due to a
      > court challenge and unless these programs are
      > refunded the state faces stiff penalties (e.g., loss
      > of highway funds or EPA imposed mandates).  Perhaps
      > the most important item before the legislature is
      > fully funding TERP and making that program work.
      > Even this will leave Texas cities short of the goal
      > of clean air today, and future standards and a
      > growing economy will put the clean air goals further
      > out of reach, unless the state can identify
      > additional good-sense initiatives.  Energy
      > production and consumption is the primary source of
      > air pollution in the state, so looking for ways to
      > increase efficiency, and to generate energy and
      > power from cleaner sources and technologies, has to
      > be part of the solution.  The Forum will provide the
      > audience a Sneak Preview of the upcoming clean
      > energy issues sure to be debated in the upcoming
      > Texas legislative session, which begins this
      > January.
      > Government panelists/speakers will include:
      >   a.. EPA Region VI Administrator, Gregg Cooke
      >   b.. Texas Senator David Cain,
      >   c.. Texas Representatives Glen Maxey, Bill G.
      > Carter, Warren Chisum, and Debra Danburg,
      >   d.. Texas PUC Commissioner, Brett Perlman,
      >   e.. State Energy Conservation Office Director, Dub
      > Taylor,
      >   f.. Chairman of the Texas Clean Air Working Group
      > and Collin County Judge Ron Harris.
      >   g.. UT Center for Energy and Environmental
      > Resources Chair, Dr. David Allen,
      >   h.. Texas Electric Utility Restructuring
      > Legislative Oversight Committee Policy Analyst, Mark
      > Bruce,
      >   i.. Office of Public Utility Counsel Economist,
      > Kenan Ogelman,
      > Industry panelists/speakers will include:
      >   a.. Malcolm Jacobson, President of Fuel Cells
      > Texas,
      >   b.. Peter M. Holt, President of HOLT CAT,
      >   c.. Tommy Weathersbee, Manager of Oncor
      > Distribution Division,
      >   d.. Klip Weaver of TAC Americas for the Energy
      > Conservation Coalition,
      >   e.. Richard Mora, President of Landis + Gyr,
      >   f.. B.N. Tripathi, Vice President of Sempra Energy
      > Solutions
      >   g.. Beth Garza, FPL Energy, Texas Wind Coalition
      > Member,
      >   h.. Susan Cleaver, Executive Director, Cummins
      > Southern Plains,
      >   i.. Bob Casey, President of Ridge Energy  Storage
      > Group, and,
      >   j.. Dale Kornegay, President of the Houston
      > Contractors Association.
      > Consumer and environmental panelists/speakers will
      > include:
      >   a.. Tom "Smitty" Smith, Public Citizen's Texas
      > Office,
      >   b.. Tim Morstad, Consumers Union,
      >   c.. Mark MacLeod, Environmental Defense, and
      >   d.. Carol Biedrzycki, Texas Ratepayers
      > Organization to Save Energy (Texas ROSE).
      > The registration form, hotel information, sponsors,
      > and complete schedule information are available
      > on-line at
      > www.goodcompanyassociates.com/subj/forum.php.
      > Registration is free to legislators, state agency
      > directors and their staff and very affordable to
      > other.
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