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17[hreg] Re: FW: Houston Renewable Energy Group

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  • Steve Stelzer
    Aug 18, 1999
      Mike: I went over to Laverne Williams office last Friday and he has a "road
      show" for his energy efficient houses. I talked to Oral yesterday about
      meeting over at TSU in September. Laverne can only meet Friday evenings and
      Saturday mornings. How is your September? I am open, and Friday evenings
      are very good for me. Let me know and I will put it on the website as soon
      as I figure out how to post on it.


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      Subject: [hreg] FW: Houston Renewable Energy Group

      You can read the attached message from Kathryn Houser,
      the executive director of the Texas Solar Energy
      Society. They are willing to hold our money for us and
      they would like us to become an "unofficial chapter". I
      suggest we discuss the latter at out next meeting, but
      people may want to comment on the eGroup too. As for
      the money, I'd like to handle that decision by e-mail.
      Charles already agreed to let TXSES hold our money. If
      no one posts any objections by the end of the week,
      would you go ahead and send a check to TXSES please
      Charles. Just deduct the amount you spent on Earth Day
      from the $500. If anyone else spent something they
      would like to be reimbursed for, let us know. (I don't
      think there were any.)

      We are working on plans for the next meeting.

      In the mean time, I just found this web site which I
      found interesting. Check it out!

      I copied a couple of you haven't signed up for the
      Egroup yet. Don't wait for the Christmas rush; sign up
      now! E-mail Kim at gartht@... if you have
      forgotten how to.
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      Subject: FW: Houston Renewable Energy Group
      Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 11:46:11 -0500

      I'll give you a call about this sometime. I had asked if TXSES would hold
      our money so that you wouldn't have to. It looks like they said yes.

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      > From: Kathryn Houser[SMTP:rainfall@...]
      > Reply To: rainfall@...
      > Sent: Thursday, August 12, 1999 4:42 PM
      > To: EWERT, MICHAEL K. (JSC-EC)
      > Subject: Re: Houston Renewable Energy Group
      > Hi Mike,
      > We held a discussion about HREG at the TXSES board meeting last Saturday
      > and are all in agreement that we want to encourage and support your
      > group as much as possible. We would like for you to officially declare
      > yourselves a local chapter, which only means that you can elect a
      > representative to sit on the TXSES board starting after the first of the
      > year. (That person should be a member of TXSES, of course.) Most of the
      > meetings happen in Austin, so someone willing to travel would be great.
      > This will insure that your interests are well represented in our
      > decisions. the El Paso chapter has a representative on the board now.
      > We also voted to hold your funds for you in our TXSES account. I guess
      > my only restriction would be to request that you not withdraw funds in
      > smaller amounts than $100 so I am not hassled with lots of small
      > checks. Since you don't really foresee a need for the money, it will
      > probably just sit for awhile. It is no problem to keep it separate in
      > our accounting. If you want to have Charlie write a check to TXSES for
      > whatever the amount left would be, I can then deposit it and send you a
      > copy of the deposit slip for your records. Happy to do it.
      > Kathryn Houser, E.D.
      > TXSES
      > PO Box 1447
      > Austin, TX, 78767-1447
      > www.txses.org
      > 800/465-5049

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