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1673FW: Aloha from Safe Water Systems

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  • Robert Johnston
    Oct 3, 2002

      This is an email from an old contact whose information I shared at an early HREG meeting.  If anyone is interested in solar water purification or participating in this project, feel free to contact Terry.

      Robert Johnston


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      From: Terry [mailto:terry@...]
      Thursday, October 03, 2002 9:20 PM
      To: 'Robert Johnston'
      Subject: Aloha from Safe Water Systems


      Hi Robert:

      Are you still out there? I am traveling to
      Houston for a conference on October 8th (www.mwc2002.org). I may be able to meet with you while I am in Houston (Oct. 6 to 9) if you are still interested in our Solar Water Pasteurizers. In reviewing one of your messages, you wrote that:

      Texas Southern University was the host of this meeting.  They host a solar energy workshop for inner city high school students each summer.  Included in that program is a trip to a remote South African village to install solar electricity in a house miles from the

      nearest utilities.  The coordinator for that program was very interested in your device and took all the information I could give him.


      I just returned from a 3 week trip to South Africa (the United Nations World Summit on Sustainable Development). I am now working on a Rotary Club project for S. Africa in which I have gotten tentative pledges from Rotary Clubs in Seattle, WA and Maryland to helpf fund this project.


      If your club or any of your associates are interested in participating, please let me know. You can email me at this address, or call me from the 5th on my cell phone: (808) 561-8929.




      Terry Hart

      Int'l Marketing Director


      Safe Water Systems

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