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  • ChasMauch@aol.com
    Jun 29, 2002
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      Hello Mike and gang,

      I just spoke on the phone with Ken Bancroft, contact person for the Electric Automobile Club, which is the local branch of a national organization. The two organizations are the same and have been around for years. Dale Brooks is president. Ken says they have about 50 on the role but only get 10 to 12 at most meetings. Sounds familiar.

      They meet on the third Thursday of each month (July 18th will be their next meeting) at 6:30pm in the Upper Kirby District Center (3015 Richmond, Room 280). This is the same building the CEC has its offices in, on Richmond between Kirby and Buffalo.

      I told him when and where we meet and he suggested we might invite our members to come to one of their meetings and they will ask theirs to come to one of ours, which is also coming up next month on July 28th. I will plan to attend and hope everyone else who can will do so too. Should be interesting. I suspect we have a lot of common interests.


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      I think it is the same group and I recall seeing them at Earth Day activities in the past as well.

      I think it is a great idea for a future meeting.  I'm working on a presentation by Southwest PV for our next meeting in July, so maybe in October we could invite them.  Charlie, would you be willing to contact them for us and invite them to come to our meeting and tell/show us what they are about?

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      Does anyone know anything about these two organizations? Actually they may be the same organization - I'm not sure. Seems like we have enough in common to send some speakers to each other's meetings or to have some joint meetings or other activities or whatever.

      --The club meets the third Thursday of each month at 5217 Cedar Street in Bellaire. For more information, call Ken Bancroft at 713-729-8668 or write to 4301 Kingfisher Dr., Houston, TX 77035. .


      Electric Auto Association

      - Houston Chapter -

      I N F O

      Updated 3/21/2001

      L I N K S

      See us in the
      Houston Press!

      Design and
      graphics by
      Keith McCaffety

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      by BWSoft.com

      Welcome to the Houston chapter of the Electric Auto Association! Our all-electric vehicles get us around town in style without adding to Houston's nationally infamous SMOG.
      WHAT WE DO:
      We don't SELL electric vehicles, but we can show you how to escape our slavish dependence on O.P.E.C. by converting that car you love into a clean, quiet, battery-powered wonder that you can plug into your garage outlet at night!
      ANY car can be converted!
      For most cars, it costs between $4000 and $6000 to put yourself in "GREEN HEAVEN". Once that gas-guzzling engine has been REMOVED and replaced with an electric motor, your car will be SILENT! And it will cost you only $3 to $5 per month to drive! And you'll never have to get an oil change again!!
      ABOUT US:
      Revived in 1987, the Houston EAA has been profiled in the Houston Press and on KHOU Television (Channel 11 Houston) as actively demonstrating that non-gasoline vehicles ACTUALLY WORK and are a solution that is NEEDED.
      JOIN US:
      We meet EVERY THIRD THURSDAY at 6:30pm in the Upper Kirby District Center (3015 Richmond, room 280). And come visit our EARTH DAY booth on April 7 at Buffalo Bayou along Allen Parkway!

      President, EAA Houston Chapter

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