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1549Re: [hreg] what's so special about the Prius?

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  • Feliciano Olivero
    May 1 8:23 PM
      Dear HREG member,
      I'm not an expert on this, but I would like to give you some of the
      -I this hybrid system the engine's function is to feed the electric
      generator which is in charge of turning the electric motor. The electric
      motor is what moves the car at non-highway speeds (0 to 50 mph). At
      highway speeds, both the electric motor and the gas engine (in a small %)
      move the car, this is the reason why the gas mileage is less in the
      highway than in the city.
      - Since the gas engine works at almost constant RPM it means that it can
      work all the time at the highest efficiency point, then produces less
      emissions than an engine working alternatively at low and high rpm.
      - The Prius accommodates 4 or 5 adults, it could be used by a family of
      5. They now can make SUVs and full size sedans with the same technology
      (once the field test with the Prius is finished) and give us the
      opportunity to enjoy a non-polluting, and gas $saving, big family car.
      - Have you driven one? is a totally different car experience.
      - The Honda hybrid (2 seater) gives 70-75 miles per gallon.
      - This are just the 2 first two cars, wait until they improve the
      Feliciano Olivero
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