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1441Re: [hreg] Fwd: 104 KRBE Earth Day Festival - Official Inviation!

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  • ChasMauch@aol.com
    Jan 31, 2002
      Thanks, Ryan - that was a very good analysis. Hopefully Green Mountain will be a little more of a "hands on" sponsor than Enron was, and more responsive to urging that they give the environmental things a little higher profile. I know some of us are a bit cynical about GM's motives - they are in it to make $$$ and their commitment to the environment may be questionable but hey - as I think I have said before - I would rather see someone do the right thing for the wrong reason, than vice versa. And making money is not necessarily a bad reason - guess we all would like to work with some great green company but GM looks like the best we have.

      It also irks me that KRBE never made a formal announcement of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place cash award winners last year. If we participate this year we need to send a letter with our application with a rather pointed reminder that if they make a big deal about the prizes that are available, they should advise all the participants of who won what.

      The KRBE/GM Earth Day is Saturday 4/6/02 at Eleanor Tinsley Park and the Houston (CEC/Rice) Earth Day is the following week (4/13/02) on the Rice campus. I think that's right - someone correct me if not. Sounds like you all have some great exhibits lined up for the CEC/Rice event - any chance they would also be available for the KREB/GM thing?

      It would be ideal if HREG could participate in both but as Kathryn says, the number of available workers will determine what we do. Historically we have had Oral, Mike, Mike's son, James, me, and several others - sorry I can't remember everyone - every year. How do you all feel about it? Which one or both? Would anyone else be available to help with either or both? Guess we need to get back to them on this pretty soon.

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