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1437Re: [hreg] Fwd: 104 KRBE Earth Day Festival - Official Inviation!

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  • Kathryn Houser
    Jan 31, 2002
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      This has been taken over by Green Mountain Energy as the new sponsor.  The timing is good for sharing TXSES resources.  One has to weigh the desire to be in a more "purist" environment against the reality that this is the event that lots of people attend.  Generally going to where the crowd will be is a more effective way to get out our message to the greatest number of folks.  The other Earth Day event mentioned earlier is a new one, which will present its own set of pros and cons.  They ARE on different weekends, if there is enough enthusiasm to generate TWO displays this year!

      ChasMauch@... wrote:

       Received the attached email this morning. Do we want to participate in the KRBE thing this year? Sounds like they plan to do the usual thing - use Earth Day as a justification for basically having a music concert with a little bit of environmental window dressing. I never was able to find out who won the prize money last year and CEC wasn't either. Let me know whatcha think.
      PS  Presumably Enron will not be cosponsoring this year  :-)

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      Subject: 104 KRBE Earth Day Festival - Official Inviation!
      Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 00:59:26 -0600
      From: "Tony Bracy" <tbracy@...>
      To: "Tony Bracy" <tbracy@...>

      I would like to take the opportunity to officially invite your Environmental Organization to participate in the 104 KRBE Earth Day Festival FREE of charge!  
      Please act fast for your chance to occupy a FREE booth and get your message out to nearly 35,000 Houstonians! 
      Simply fill out the attached entry form and fax it to me, Tony Bracy, at 
      (713) 954-2344 to secure your spot ASAP!  These spaces fill up fairly quickly.
      This year each non-profit organization will directly benefit from 104 KRBE's contribution to the Environmental Zone.  Not only will you be able to participate in an interactive contest to win prize money for your creativity, but every 501c3 organization will equally divide 104 KRBE's Cash donation to Houston's Environmental Community! 
      Thank You and I hope to see you at the 104 KRBE/Green Mountain Energy Earth Day!
      Tony Bracy
      104 KRBE
      see attachment

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