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  • Karl Appleton
    Jan 14, 2002
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      RE: [hreg] project ideas

      I have been to this place and it offers a lot in the areas you mention plus lots more.
      A little too far from Houston to be practical but the site may be worth a visit for inspiration.

      Does anyone know of similar locations/ organisations within a days drive or so of Houston?

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      Your list has been forwarded to one of the outstanding technical high
      schools in Houston for their consideration.

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      > While it is interesting to look at the state of the art technology, to
      > buy it is a rich man's world.  I would love to see a high school course
      > that teaches the basics of renewables.  Things like the difference
      > between thermal mass and insulation.  Solar hot water, be it batch or
      > panel style as a help mate to using fuel of some sort. How homes work
      > and where most of the electricity [fuel] goes?  How about solar cooking
      > and how to fit it into a working person's life?  Is using potable water
      > to defecate in, environmentally responsible?
      > It would be nice to be able to find the parts to build environmentally
      > friendly systems, without having to hunt.  It would be nice to see
      > information available about the solutions that save the environment and
      > money.  Perhaps even discussions about questions like: Is it better for
      > the environment to use bleach to clean a meat processing area, allowing
      > chlorine to escape into the environment or is it better to use steam to
      > disinfect, or does the source of the electricity for the steam, decide
      > which is best?
      > While I agree we need to do research to find alternatives, I think we
      > need education, at this point more.  Just my $.02 worth.
      > Kim

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