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136[hreg] Earth Day

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  • Ewert, Mike
    Mar 1, 2000
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      It's time to start thinking about our booth at Earth Day on April 1st! Will
      everyone who is planning to bring something to display please respond to
      this e-mail with what they plan to bring.

      Here is my list:
      Solar Go-cart (I may have to find someone with a truck to help)
      Solar powered K'Nex toy creation
      Miniature solar water heater (shows real materials)
      Model solar cars

      I think the first 6 people who volunteer to bring things &/or staff the
      booth should get the free tickets. I'll bring my things first thing in the
      morning and plan to stay at least a few hours. I think Charlie should get a
      ticket since he took care of signing us up, etc.
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