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  • Blase D. Sands
    Jan 9, 2002
      Hello Charlie and all,
      Sarah Doss contacted me and they are going to advertise the Earth Day event in the February issue of Emerging Lifestyles Magazine.  it will come out February 10 and will be available free at Whole Foods Market.
      On Mon, 17 Dec 2001 14:19:22 EST ChasMauch@... writes:
      Hello HREGers,
      I just had a call from Sarah Doss at the Citizen's Environmental Coalition asking about Earth Day. As you know, Enron and KRBE were the prime underwriters of this event and Enron is - shall we say - otherwise occupied this year and probably will not participate. But Sarah tells me that the CEC has been getting more and more concerned about the whole event becoming too commercial and basically just a big music festival with not enough emphasis on the environment. They want to reorganize it on a smaller scale, probably still with music but from local groups, and get back to basics. And they want to know if we would like to participate?
      I said we always have in the past and shared their reservations about it being too big and glitzy and would like to see it smaller and more in the true spirit of Earth Day. I said I felt sure we would continue to participate but that I would check with the rest of the HREG group and get back as soon as possible (it's only about 4 moths away!) so please give me some feedback on this.

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