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1338Re: [hreg] Fwd: A Better Definition of Patriotism

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  • tanstaafl77005@yahoo.com
    Dec 3, 2001
      I have to agree with the assessment of ANWR's output potential. I
      work for the oilpatch and have yet to see any justification for the
      numbers many politicians are throwing around. As with most of the
      North Slope there is a great potential for gas (which is not
      economical for the region) and only minor potential for oil. ANWR is
      on the hinge of a windshield wiper like compressional foreland basin
      which quickly put most of the source horizons well below the "oil
      window" (ie. gas). They already have drilling projects offshore ANWR,
      above the Barrow Arch where the horizons are shallower and oil
      potential greater (similar to Prudhoe Bay). I would hate to see them
      open the region up and do their damage only to confirm what many

      Anyway, my 2 cents.

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