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1333Re: MUD in San Francisco

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  • mike.ewert@att.net
    Nov 19, 2001
      Here is what happened in San Fransisco.
      --- In hreg@y..., ChasMauch@a... wrote:
      > Historically, most cities did their own power generation, "gas
      works", waste
      > water treatment, and trash collection for many years until the
      recent trend
      > to privitization, and many still do. No doubt some are inefficient
      > corrupt but private operations are not always the answer,
      constantly looking
      > for ways to provide minimally acceptable services while cutting
      corners and
      > laying off workers.
      > The City of Houston does its own vehicle repair - a vast and
      > operation - but they tried privitization and decided that was even
      > with higher costs and no better service. Same with garbage
      collection. The
      > city does some and contracts some out - primarily so they will have
      a basis
      > for evaluating costs of private services - but there does not seem
      to be much
      > to choose between the two. The idea that private enterprise is
      always good
      > and government work is always bad seems to be popular but I don't
      > agree. The city runs some pretty good wastewater treatment plants.
      > In any event, what about the propositions regarding solar? If we
      wait for
      > private enterprise to do it we may have a long wait. True there may
      be a form
      > of subsidy involved here but it doesn't come close to the billions
      of dollars
      > in subsidies that have gone to the nuclear and fossil fuel
      industries over
      > the years - and still do. I say more power to them and will be
      pulling for
      > all three propositions on Tuesday.
      > Charlie
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