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13[hreg] Re: HREG summary

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  • Chuck Wright
    Aug 8 5:18 PM
      mike.ewert@... wrote:

      > Thanks for the encouragement from the state level.
      > Regarding your question, this doesn't exactly apply
      > to the whole state, but many of our members have
      > asked "what practical renewable energy things can I
      > do (to my house) in Houston?". Some of the experts
      > in Austin could help us answer this question and I'm
      > sure some things apply no matter where you live in
      > the state.

      This is an interesting question, Mike. I have several

      Anyone, feel free to ask any questions, and I will try
      to connect you with people for answers.

      Part of the basis of "green building" is responsiveness
      to the local climate. An optimal design in Austin might
      not be best for Houston, and of course, El Paso would
      be quite different. You folks have Leonard Bachman,
      who is quite expert on passive solar and on the local
      climate. And, he's taught workshops, too. I would be
      most interested in knowing more about how Houston
      design would be different.

      There are quite a few PV installations around here,
      and alot of information to be had. But, you folks
      probably have the same around Houston.

      I have done some "renewable" things to my house:

      - My solar water heater is very effective (how good are
      they in Houston? Are particular designs more suitable
      for Houston (how often and hard does it freeze?).
      By the way, Gary Vliet has taught some workshops
      on such things.
      - I bought a new refrigerator which uses about a third
      of the electricity of the old one.
      - I also installed a setback thermostat.
      - Also, have done some shading of windows, as I have
      become very interested in heat gain effects from diffuse
      solar radiation.

      I don't know what's responsible for most of the savings,
      but my electricity usage has declined considerably.

      > Speakers or fact sheets or even e-mail
      > messages could be used. "Product reviews" might be
      > another way to look at it.

      Take a look at my personal web page for stuff that I have
      written up. One item is test results of the "PowerPlanner"
      device that you may have seen at Home Depot, claiming to
      save lots of energy on motor-driven appliances (it doesn't).

      At the TXSES board meeting yesterday, we agreed that
      we would like to consider you folks to be a "chapter", if
      you agree. There are no obligations. I think we can offer you
      some space on the TXSES web page (http://www.txses.org -
      check out what we do with EPSEA, who actually have more
      stuff than TXSES), which needs some updates (to be done

      - C

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