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1294Round-up Report

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  • Ristroph
    Sep 30, 2001
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      What a great week-end. Oral LaFleur and the students
      from TSU had a great display. The people, weather,
      vendors, exhibitors, food, music, were all great. There
      was an overwhelming amount of information, and I have
      so much reading material to absorb! All the way home
      I thought about things to do NEXT YEAR.

      I was disappointed not to get to meet some of the folks
      I have been hearing about, but will try to catch up soon.
      I missed the presentations that charged admission; they
      must have been fabulous, considering that the free ones
      were superb, and were playing to packed houses.

      Thanks, everybody. I really appreciate the tremendous
      amount of work that went into the Round-up, and will try
      to be more active in the future.

      -- Marie
      Spring Creek Watershed Initiative
      Marie Gibbens Ristroph
      33819 Cripple Creek Road
      Pinehurst, TX 77362
      (281) 356-7397 or mobile/voice mail (281) 467-4255
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