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1235Re: [hreg] Compaq workplace giving

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  • dans1
    Sep 12, 2001
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      Mike: Where is this event going to be as I work for Compaq and I have not
      heard of this event internally. If it is to be herld at Compaq, I could man
      the table for at least one day. Please provide more information. Thanks
      Dan Stuettgen

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      Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2001 8:26 AM
      Subject: [hreg] Compaq workplace giving

      > Would anyone be willing to staff a table for EarthShare (which benefits
      > TXSES and HREG) at Compaq during their workplace giving drive on Oct. 16,
      > and 18 (1 or all days)?
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      > Subject: [Fwd: Fw: Compaq Computer opportunities]
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      > TXSES is a member of EarthShare (the environmental "United Way" work
      > place giving campaign) and needs some participants in Houston employee
      > fairs. Do you think you could get the word out to HREG members and see
      > if there are any takers? It always makes a difference in contributions
      > to our organization if we have a presence at these fairs.
      > Thanks for any help you can provide!
      > Kathryn
      > Dear EST State Organizations:
      > On October 16, 17 and 18, (dates tentative but looking solid) Compaq
      > Computer will have a series of agency fairs at two of their Houston
      > locations. We have been asked to be represented by up to eight of our
      > organizations each day of these fairs.
      > Because we have only five participating organizations in Houston, and
      > because Compaq prefers to have as many different agencies represented as
      > possible over the three-day period, we obviously need help. We need
      > to think about any projects your organization has in the Houston area and
      > volunteers that would be available to represent your organization at the
      > Compaq fairs on one of these days.
      > Bridget Jensen will be working with our Houston organizations, and with
      > Nature Conservancy of Texas and Surfrider Foundation, all of whom helped
      > the Compaq fairs last year.
      > We spoke with a subcommittee of our Campaign / Marketing Committee last
      > week, and in a few short minutes, they had two very creative ideas. Kevin
      > Somdahl-Sands of Environmental Defense, for instance, said Environmental
      > Defense will have meetings going on in Houston at that time that will
      > probably allow him to piggyback some time at Compaq on at least one day.
      > Aileen Truax volunteered to organize a carpool for statewide organizations
      > based in Austin who would like to have a presence at Compaq.
      > Anjali, not to put you on the spot, but TPL was partially responsible for
      > starting this campaign, and y'all are benefitting from some nice access
      > awards. We'll be in touch to see if you can help out this year!
      > Jack and Hall, please think of any Friends of Big Bend National Park board
      > members or volunteers in the Houston area that would be willing to put
      > together a few photographs, maps and display items for the agency fairs
      > be willing to volunteer for one of the three days.
      > It probably goes without saying that this is an extremely important
      > with huge growth potential. Contributions more than doubled from the first
      > year to the second year of the campaign.
      > Your Earth Share of Texas headquarters staff has a campaign presentation
      > that's been scheduled for weeks on one of the three days, but we will be
      > Compaq at least one of the remaining two days. (That is, unless our
      > participating organizations take advantage of this great opportunity and
      > fill all the available slots!)
      > Many thanks,
      > Max and Edie
      > Earth Share of Texas
      > 'One environment. One simple way to care for it.'®
      > www.earthshare-texas.org
      > 512-472-5518
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