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11867RE: [hreg] Re: Vehicle-to-house

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  • Kevin Conlin
    Jul 6, 2014

      In that case it’s very doable


      It sounds like a 2 phase inverter is simply a 120/240 output, and most micro inverters can be fooled by that if it’s 60Hz



      So now we’re hacking micro-inverters? 


      This group is learning fast…..:-)


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      @Kevin Conlin
      When I said:
      "It should be possible to simultaneously charge the EV and tap its batteries."

      ...I was guilty of a poor sentence that sounded like bad physics.  What I mean is that it should be possible to simultaneously CONNECT the EV to both a charger and a battery tap, but only 1 of them runs at a time.  When the sun shines the EV will charge and the load on the battery tap will be very low....just enough to fool the microinverters.

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