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11741Call for Papers - Algae Biomanufacturing

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  • Violeta Archer
    Jan 28, 2014

      Just passing on this information . . . There are many developments and we'll get to hear all about them at the next HREG Quarterly Meeting in April.

      Best regards,
      Violeta Archer


      Final Call for Presentations  
      Algae Biomanufacturing and Networking Workshop
      February 28, 2014


         Hosted by Kessil, Inc.   
      Richmond, CA

      When the NAA brings together collaboration between commercially-minded algae researchers, commercial algae producers, water process engineers, students, vets, lawyers, accountants, investors and lenders, good things happen.  Our workshops are not trade shows and we offer no exhibits - just the high value information and the high value collaboration efforts  that are building our industry. Unlike the trade shows and other conferences, ours focus on commercial algae production issues and not the noise.  The latest research will not be preached to you at our workshops.  We discuss algae production issues and, as a group, come up with possible solutions.
      Innovative leadership and collaborative efforts have been rewarded with every press release announcing a new JV/partnership or strategic alliance, and enhancements in making commercial algae production a reality.  
      In continuing its efforts to fast-track commercialization of the algae production industry, the National Algae Association's next workshop will be held, February 28, 2014  at Kessil Lighting in Richmond, CA. We will focus on progress in commercial algae cultivation, harvesting and extraction methods and technologies, along with proven technologies that are ready for commercial-scale algae production and moving towards standardization. 
      Presentations are 30-45 minutes plus Q&A. 
      Please submit your presentations for review no later than January 31, 2014 for consideration. 
      Presenting at an NAA event allows you to openly discuss algae technologies with a group of visionaries who are all interested in building the algae production industry. Membership in NAA is not required to present at or attend our events.

      For additional information, please contact:

      National Algae Association 
      4747 Research Forest Dr., Suite 180 
      The Woodlands, Texas 77381