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11684Breakthrough Commercial Algae Production Cultivation System - update

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  • Violeta Archer
    Aug 26 7:14 AM

      Breakthrough Commercial Algae Production Cultivation System
      Ready To Go To Market
      National Algae Association announces a new commercial algae production cultivation system developed at NAA's Test Center in The Woodlands, Texas.The new Algae Growth Cell (G-Cell)™ was developed by AlgaeEquip, LLC, an incubator company at the National Algae Association test center in The Woodlands, Texas.
      The new G-Cell is the world's largest custom commercial algae production closed-loop cultivation semi-continuous system for universities and indoor and outdoor commercial algae farmers. It helps reduce the daily contamination issues and low production from open raceway ponds and reduces the high cost of using expensive clear PVC tube photobioreactors. Vertical PVC closed-loop photobioreactors going forward will only be used as inoculation systems for the much larger commerial growing systems.
      AlgaeEquip™ has developed a cost-effective solution for the growing needs of universities with our G-4000 liter growth cell and much larger growth cells for the algae farming industry. They specialize in the design and build of commercial algae growth cells™ and equipment for the algae farming industry.
      For additional information contact:
      National Algae Association
      4747 Research Forest Dr., Suite 180
      The Woodlands, Texas 77381