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11657DIY Solar PV Class at TxRxLabs.org

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  • William S
    Jun 18, 2013
      I am leading a discussion about DIY Solar PV, this Sunday at TRxRxLabs.org (10-2). The following is the announcement.
      "This class is for the DIY installer. It is a discussion of the steps to install your own array, in particular a ground mount unit, using Enphase Microinverters. For the municipality where I live, the permitting process was easy - just an electrical inspection. The City of Houston permitting process is more demanding. The steps necessary depend on the Jurisdiction.
      One clear advantage of using microinverters, is that you can start with one panel and inverter. As the budget permits, you can add panels. I purchased the combo recently, paying $0 .90 per watt, after the federal rebate. Cost:240 watt panel and microinverter is$216. To make a serious dent in the power bill, you need 3000-5000 watts. The other initial costs are the racking and running conduit to a lockable disconnect and a thence to the breaker box.
      Plug and play.
      We will take data to determine the IV curve for a panel, and look at the solarpathfinder.com to explore the impact of tree shading.
      For free 1 hour presentations, see <http://solpowerpeople.com/solarmooc-guest-lecturer-directory/> Subject matter from off-grid to grid connected systems, including the NEC code and system grounding... the list goes on and on.
      Previous students welcome free."
      The class schedule is here <http://www.txrxlabs.org/classes/>