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11565RE: [hreg] Links to energy incentives/rebates for remodeling?

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  • Scarsella, Thomas M. (JSC-IC8)[DB Consult
    Mar 18, 2013
      I remember reading somewhere that the sodium in gypsum is a good additive to the clay-based soils that dominate much of the Houston area. Gypsum helps to bind the soil and makes some of the potassium already there available to whatever is growing.

      We removed the paper backing from some drywall we tore out at the house and "composted" the gypsum drywall. It took a few years and a few cycles through the composting process to break down thoroughly but we only occasionally find an intact "chunk" of it nowadays.

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      Provided all the nails/screws are removed, it can help with acid soil.
      Also, it is good on driveways. I hate putting anything in the landfill.
      I would use it in decorative beds, not food growing areas, for obvious
      reasons. We don't know what kind of paint is on it.

      Bright Blessings,
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      On 3/18/2013 11:10 AM, Jim Duncan wrote:
      > I'm considering pulling off sheetrock for an older rent house I own but
      > to replace the original non-compliant wiring dating back to the '50s. It
      > is a lot of work but insulation is definitely going to go in at the same
      > time.
      > Consider upgrading, adding electrical outlets, fire breaks, window alarm
      > wiring etc while you have access.
      > I also have been wondering if there is any use for recycling old
      > sheetrock other than the landfill.
      > Jim Duncan
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      > *Subject:* RE: [hreg] Links to energy incentives/rebates for remodeling?
      > One of my clients removed the sheet rock and sprayed rigid urethane foam
      > insulation between the studs until it was flush, trimmed it, and then
      > hung new sheet rock
      > Did I mention it's a lot of work....?
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      > *To:* hreg@yahoogroups.com <mailto:hreg@yahoogroups.com>
      > *Subject:* [hreg] Links to energy incentives/rebates for remodeling?
      > I would appreciate it if anyone can send me information or links on how
      > to get energy rebates for remodeling in Houston. I have found a
      > CenterPoint site.
      > Any advice on energy efficient remodeling would be helpful, especially
      > priorities in spending.
      > One problem I am wrestling with is:
      > How to increase/maximize the R-value of insulation of a 4 inch stud wall
      > on the South side of a old residence, without increasing the wall thickness.
      > Thanks.
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