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11532RE: [hreg] Solar Plan in Austin

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  • Jim Duncan
    Feb 11, 2013

      Only the price of PV has dropped significantly, not their efficiency. So have tracker prices though not nearly as dramatically as PV. And using helical screw piers rather than concrete footings on megawatt arrays has kept costs for single axis trackers low enough that they are not becoming outdated any time soon. Granted the old one drive motor per ~kW of PV is way too costly but the economies of scale have helped keep the tracker market competitive.


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      I wondered about that also. I guess the additional solar harvested was attractive. The Spanish company - ercam.es - is setting up with robotic welders to weld the trusses, upon which the panels are mounted.

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      I'm surprised the cost of trackers is still trading well. I wonder if anyone has analyzed fixed panels pointed to produce most during utility peaks.

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      A study undertaken by solar proponents in Austin, concludes, and will recommend, that Austin implement 400-600 Mega Watts over the next 7 years. San Antonio has started on a project that will install 400 mega watts of trackers in 4 years. I assume tracking because the utilities need to address the cost of peak load.

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