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  • Chiruvolu, Madhavi
    Feb 5 1:22 PM
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      I’ll be interested in this as I volunteer at my son’s school quite often. I’ll check with the principal and his teacher to see if they want to be on board.


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      Dr. Gary Vliet, retired UT professor and former TXSES board member, has put together some solar car kits with grant money he received and he would like to send some to the Houston area. If you would consider going to a school near you a couple of times a year to share this fun and educational experience with students, please read on.

      I am going to request a set of 10 car kits for HREG if I can get enough volunteers to use them. Please email me at mkewert@... if you are willing to help after reading this. The idea is to find a teacher or principal willing to let you present to a class or classes for about an hour. The beauty of Dr. Vliet's model solar car kits is  that they can be assembled (and disassembled) quickly, allowing the kids to have a hands-on experience with little to no preparation on your part. Basically, you show the class how to put the car together while explaining how it 'runs on sun' and then you pass out the kits for the kids to put together their own in groups.  Dr. Vliet had this to say about the project:
      After having done these for several years with different versions of the kits and grade levels, I decided to simplify the kits so that each demo can be done within an hour (typical class period) and then easily broken down and ready to do another.  As for grades I feel that 4th or 5th grade is a good level, since at this level the kids are studying various forms of energy and energy transformations.  Also, I've found that identifying an 'interested' principle or teacher is key to facilitating the effort  "

      We will share the kits among anyone who lines up a school to present to. See the attached picture for a glimpse of the cars and let me know if you have any questions and if I can count on you. Did I mention that it's a lot of fun to work with the kids?


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