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11513Re: [hreg] Upcoming Public Hearing on South Texas Project license extension

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  • Alyssa Burgin
    Jan 14, 2013
      Well, that will take a while to read--but, looking through it, I really do want to take a crack at the water aspects. Thank you.

      And yes, I will definitely send comments.

      Appreciate it!


      On Monday, January 14, 2013, SusanD <texasblessings@...> wrote:
      > That'd be great Alyssa.  Here's a link to the NRC document we're discussing.  Its voluminous, but the contact info is on page 4:
      > http://pbadupws.nrc.gov/docs/ML1232/ML12324A049.pdf
      > Thanks a million,
      > Susan
      > --- In hreg@yahoogroups.com, Alyssa Burgin  wrote:
      >> I have a speaking engagement in the Coastal Bend that day, and probably
      >> cannot physically make it to the hearing itself, but I will certainly be
      >> happy to send in comments via email. I am particularly distressed at the
      >> timing on this--after all, parts wear out, and the project is old, and we
      >> don't really have the full story on the fire, as far as I am concerned.
      >> But of course, my primary concern remains water use. No matter what goodies
      >> the current Ritter proposal in the Lege brings to the state in the form of
      >> more evaporative ponds, i.e., reservoirs, it isn't going to do anything to
      >> fill up the reservoirs we have, like the Highland Lakes, in perpetuity.
      >> Alyssa Burgin
      >> On Fri, Jan 11, 2013 at 1:04 PM, SusanD  wrote:
      >> > The Nuclear Regulatory Commission will be hosting two sessions of public
      >> > hearings on the proposed Environmental Impact Statement this coming
      >> > Tuesday, January 15th, with comments being accepted in person at the time
      >> > or via mail or e-mail into February.  The two nuclear reactors near Bay
      >> > City went online in 1987 and 1988, respectively, and were originally
      >> > licensed to run for 40 years.  The application for license extensions,
      >> > filed by STP in 2010, comes a full 18 years before the curent license
      >> > expires and would extend plant production into 2047 and 2048.
      >> >
      >> > It seesm ridiculous to me that the Commission is considering the plant's
      >> > request so early and especially in light of the ever-higher demand on the
      >> > water in the Colorado River as well as ground water resources.  STP uses
      >> > more water than any other entity in our area.  They have pulled as much as
      >> > 50% of the flow out of the river and are entitled to I believe 1.2 million
      >> > gallons of groundwater per day while our farmers are being denied water to
      >> > irrigate food crops. They haev also refused to acknowledge the rise of
      >> > renewables.
      >> >
      >> > Very few local people besides myself are willing to speak out against the
      >> > plant or to express concerns and have officials address them.  If any of
      >> > you have any interest in following developments or participating in the
      >> > process, please contact me.
      >> >
      >> > There was a huge fire at the main transformer that exits Unit 2 earlier
      >> > this week, crippling the unit and bringing it off line for an undetermined
      >> > length of time. The back up diesel generators fired up and, thankfully,
      >> > functioned properly to cool the plant.
      >> >
      >> > Thank you,
      >> > Susan Dancer

      Alyssa Burgin
      Executive Director
      Texas Drought Project

      16306 Buena Tierra
      San Antonio, Texas 78232

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