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11492RE: [hreg] A Wake Up Call from Seattle - responding

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  • Jim Duncan
    Jan 3, 2013
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      If you would turn off your foxnews for a year or two and learn the facts about the middle east and the oil war there,  you would begin to understand my reference to Exxon and its sociopathic behavior after losing the oil war in Iraq.

      Start here: http://priceofoil.org/2012/12/19/iraq-exxon-drilling-could-start-civil-war/

      Jim Duncan



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      I guess we’ll just have to disagree here.  I don’t see “them” as corporate sociopaths.  But even if I did, I would still argue that Seattle is making a weak political gesture.  First, because it has a negligible impact on stock valuations.  Second, because it reeks of hypocrisy.  It is analogous to a bar saying that in recognition of the negative impact of alcohol on mental and physical health, driving safety, domestic abuse, and crime, it’s owners have decided to divest themselves of liquor company stocks, but they have no plans to discontinue the use and distribution of alcohol to their many patrons or to earn their livelihood that way.  By continuing to purchase and distribute alcohol, they are probably doing more to uphold the value of the liquor company stocks than their miniscule holdings of stock did.  Theirs is a hypocritical, empty gesture, devoid of significance to those who “follow the money” rather than “words” to determine where one’s heart is truly at.  The bar’s alcoholic patrons, unable to wean themselves from alcohol, continue to down glass after glass, having some vague notion that the bar cares about them and is doing what it can to stand up to the evil corporations that are destroying their lives.


      Cheers!  <burp>





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      ….I don’t claim any expertise here!  Just citing some data and suggesting that weak political gestures by Seattle, even if followed by several others, won’t reverse the tide; production system economics will.


       It’s hardly a weak gesture to be the first city to speak out against a trillion dollar corporate sociopath. The fact that they spoke with a proud and defiant voice will no doubt empower other cities and entities to follow.  I’m not holding my breath however for Houston or Fort Worth to speak out against their biggest corporate overseer any time soon.

      Jim Duncan


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