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11482A Wake Up Call from Seattle

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  • Violeta Archer
    Jan 2, 2013
      If you haven't heard already an alarm sounding off, you will soon. There's a loud wake up call coming out of Seattle. All you need to do is point your ears and telescope diagnally across the nation's mid-section to hear the message. With Houston being the energy capital of the world, the message is for US. And this alarm will reverberate on Wall Street, too.
      The City of Seattle and its Mayor - Mike McGinn - just made a decision to divest ALL fossil fuels from its investment portfolio. The funds represent $17.6 million (only 0.9% of its current $1.9B total assets), but enough to make a statement and set an example for others to follow.
      And the followers are lining up. Because Seattle's decision gives the Fossil Free Campaign more fuel to spread this ground-up revolution. (And if pressed for a prediction, I suspect the dominos will start falling next in California's direction. . .)
      This is so reminiscent of Paul Revere. . .
      Best regards,
      Violeta Archer
      HREG secretary
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