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11369PTC Moving in Senate – Call Your Senator Today!

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  • Ralph Parrott
    Aug 2, 2012



      Call your Senator today!


      Today, the Senate Finance Committee is marking up a tax bill that includes the renewable energy production tax credit (PTC).  The mark up begins at 10am ET this morning, and as you have a Senator who sits on the committee, we need you to call your Senator today and urge support for the PTC in the mark up. 

      This is a crucial step in the process for moving the PTC forward.  It is very important for your Senator to hear from businesses in the state about the importance of the PTC to the industry, and the urgency of voting in favor of this provision.

      Please call your Senator today via 1-888-496-5061.  Using your area code, this number will direct you to your Senator who serves on the Senate Finance Committee.

      Deliver this key message: “I urge the Senator, as a member of the Finance Committee, to support the renewable energy production tax credit (PTC) as part of the tax bill mark up this morning.  An extension of the PTC is very important to giving my business the certainty it needs to continue to invest in the American wind industry.”

      If you’d like to see a more detailed script, or a list of Senate Finance Committee members,
      please visit our action alert page.

      Thank you for taking action at this key time!

      Denise Bode
      American Wind Energy Association

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