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11129Wind Turbines: Behind the Scenes

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  • Violeta Archer
    Feb 15, 2012
      Here's a great 10-step visual which demonstrates how (GE) wind turbines are made.
      There are a couple of videos within the 10 steps. Of particular interest is one truck driver's day-by-day account of transporting a blade. There's a close call as they approach a bridge. (Here's the link on YouTube if you miss it. http://youtu.be/o1-cDYg15bY)  Once you understand how these blades are made, you wouldn't want to see one accidentally damaged! They are beautiful, delicate yet strong like flowers! :)
      Note also the other transportation methods: by rail or by boat. So yes, there's a lot of energy consumed to get the product from the manufacturer's facility to the project site.
      The video at the end shows the steps in 50 seconds.
      Some quick facts:
      • A blade features 67 layers of bi-directional fiberglass.
      • The blade's root is strong enough to withstand strong winds from a 50-year hurricane. It is 90 layers thick.
      • The root takes 64 bolts to fasten to the stem.
      I would love to see one up close! Wouldn't you?
      Violeta Archer