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  • Philip Timmons
    Jan 27, 2012
      Another approach may be to do a Power Purchase Agreement.
      System gets installed and owned by a third party and is considered an independent energy property -- exclusive from the real property (ie Real Estate) itself.   The power is then sold at a discount below the general retail price to customers on the site.
      We have done some of these, and they are Very Popular with the folks we can work that out with.

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      There are no initiatives outside of government subsidized apartments.  There are multiple challenges including the fact that the apartments are owned by investment based groups which have no incentive to spend capital on rental investments. They are often flipped every 5 years. Apartments are hard to integrate solar since most of them are multi-metered which means a solar system would have to be split off and divided by the same number of meters.  Apartment dwellers are considered to be very volatile (short term) and usually do not live in the apartment long enough to recoup their investment.


      We have installed solar on apartments but in this case the owner received both government money and rebate money, there was one point of interconnection for each building, and the energy was used to offset common lighting and not a direct benefit to the dwellers. See attached photos.





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      I was just asked about my personal goal for joining the group and thought I would share a perspective with you. So here was my answer:


      . . .Personally, I would love to see more people embrace solar-based technology. As solar energy becomes more mainstream, it should build the critical mass necessary for change (changing the status quo, changing policy, changing the way funds are allocated/spent, changing perception, etc), for demand generation, and for mitigating the adverse side-effects of fossil fuel production and use. I'm particularly concerned with the lack of solar energy installations on rental apartment complexes. This is a HUGE segment within the residential market and no one has made moves to integrate them. The only option currently available is the elective contribution towards green energy sources via utility companies (in one's monthly statement). I recently posed this question to the folks over at Solar Mosaic (a crowd funder and solar enabler), and they regretably informed that they were unaware of any (as of Nov 2011) national program or strategy for integrating rental apartment dwellers and developers in the solar movement. http://solarmosaic.com/about/howitworks  


      If anyone knows of an initiative for this sub-market, can someone point me to it? Also, can we put this on the agenda somewhere? 


      Thank you,


      Violeta Archer


      Hello Everyone,

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