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10637Re: [hreg] FW: SECO Funding: RFA Posted for Alternative Fuels Initiatives Grants

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  • Solarsyz LLC
    May 20, 2011
      Can anyone help me answer this question.

      A Solar Panel Installer had this question and it got directed to my company and since we are not installers, we don't have specialists to answer this question. So would anyone be kind enough to help me to answer this question.

      "The building has two different meters both are 1600amps so they are using ALOT of power!  I want to suggest a small solar system on the roof (8 or 9kw) with hopes of expanding later.  Ordinarily the meter would be taken out and switched to a net meter and a ATS switch would be installed right next to the MDP.  My question for is.... can we install the ATS switch on a sub panel.  The reason I ask is I would like to isolate a small section of the building (the offices) and provide enough power to run that section.  Perhaps even install a sub-meter so everyone could get the satisfaction of watching it spin backwards! "


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