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1054Fw: Re: Green/electricity pricing

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  • Marge Wood
    Jun 1, 2001
      anyone want to answer this? I'm not on hreg but thought someone there
      might have the answer to this. marge

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      Subject: Re: Green/electricity pricing
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      In Brazil we have now an energy problem. There is not enough energy in
      pubic electricity supply at the moment. The government like to invest in
      atom energy (1.8 billion $) . This money could be also invested in green
      energy (for example solar heating).
      All the showers here work with electricity 4000W to 7000W. With solar
      heating you can economize a lot of energy.
      Did you know where I can get statistical data's (or calculations) of
      production an prices (in $ /kWh) for solar heating ?

      Thank you


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      Subject: Green/electricity pricing

      > Somebody asked about comparative pricing of electricity and of
      > green electricity earlier, don't have anything for the US, but the
      > URL following gives some prices for green energy schemes in
      > Europe and the second gives general comparison material for
      > electricity in the UK
      > http://www.greenprices.com/eu/index.asp
      > http://www.ofgem.gov.uk/prices/elecprice.htm
      > Pete
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