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105[hreg] Re: CEC membership

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  • OLafleur@aol.com
    Jan 14, 2000
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      Hello All!

      I would really like for us to do our best to keep the HREG name. HREG is already out there (unofficially)and if we change it, that will be like reestabilshing the organization all over. How difficult is it for us to set up HREG as a non profit organization? We have the Officers in place and we can always take another group's bye-laws and modify them to suit HREG then register as a non profit organization. Is there more to it then that? I think I have the bye-laws of a non profit organization on disk that I can share with the group to see if we can use it as a guide. I will confirm later, if you wish.

      I think it will be fun establishing our own identity as the HREG organization. I have been looking forward to it for a year now.


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