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1048Re: gas prices

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  • Greg Carrier
    May 30, 2001
      I am sorry that you chose to attack my logic as opposed to arguing a
      complex issue (supply/demand). My statement quoted refers to the
      fact that higher prices will deter usage. That happens far faster
      than companies can react with higher investments into creating new
      supply, which will then show the producers a lower consumption number
      than the "spike."

      Appliance and electronic producers pay little mind to making energy-
      efficient products because the average consumer doesn't care about
      that. Again, something that rising prices can aid. Personally, I
      prefer free enterprise solutions like that over increased
      governmental regulations.

      Let consumers vote with their own dollars.


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      > > If you
      > > don't want additional drilling, let petroleum prices rise.
      > >
      > I think that something is wrong with your logic. Higher oil prices
      mean more
      > drilling and more production. The good news is that there are many
      > fields that were marginally profitable because of low oil prices,
      but higher
      > prices should result in more production from these fields. I don't
      know if
      > this is enough to make a difference in the demand for new sources,
      > Higher prices mean that PV, wind and oil producers are all in a
      > position to produce more product.
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