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  • kevin conlin
    Jan 21, 2011
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      No, you are absolutely correct.


      Heliosolar Design, Inc.

      Kevin Conlin

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      Sounds interesting, however, I was of the impression that Houston’s average wind rate makes wind turbines not feasible in our area.

      Am I incorrect?


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      I have a friend that's currently designing a new wind turbine electricity generation system for home use. He's an engineer and has been working on this for quite some time. What makes his design so unique is that the turning blades set horizontally, rather than vertically. The design allows for multiple turning blades to be 'stacked', which generates far more power in the same amount of space. Plus, he's working on 'hidden housing' enclosure for the tower of blades, that has a 'chimney' look to it. It's very cool. I'll post pics of the whole thing soon.



      Alan Lammey


      Alan M. Lammey
      Energy Analyst & Consultant

      Host of the 'Energy Week' Radio Program
      Website: www.TexasEnergyAnalyst.com
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      Distribution News and Resources
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      I'm sure many of you have seen this.  Presumably the Honeywell folks know what they are doing.  Current thoughts, anyone?
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