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103[hreg] Re: CEC membership

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  • Ewert, Mike
    Jan 13, 2000
      I like Kathryn Houser's suggestion to Charlie:
      "You can list yourselves as "Texas Solar Energy Society, Houston Renewable
      Group" if CEC is okay with the length!"

      I agree that we want to be know primarily as HREG. I assumed this other
      name was only as far as CEC was concerned, but maybe I am underestimating
      their notoriety. I had not heard of them until about a year ago.

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      Sent: Thursday, January 13, 2000 9:13 AM
      To: hreg@egroups.com
      Subject: [hreg] CEC membership

      A few comments before we officially give up the name
      HREG and become known as TXSES-Houston or
      Houston-TXSES or some other variation in the CEC
      annual registry of environmental groups. Luckily or
      not we have another year before its published again.
      Drafting a mission statement is not a big chore, I
      assumed we would have already done that. I am willing
      to put something together before the Feb. 5 meeting if
      necessary. For non-profit status I believe we can
      still use our affiliation as a TXSES chapter without
      losing our name. For board members we can use our
      current officers. This is not a very rigorous process
      as I know a group less organized than HREG that has
      joined CEC. If we want to be know primarily as TXSES
      that is fine, but I would not want to do it for the
      sake of expediency on some paperwork. I for one prefer
      HREG because the name more accurately reflects our
      mission. TXSES may be of little difference in
      actuality, but many people will see "solar" and
      nothing else. Kind of limiting in my opinion. Of
      course I could be wrong about people understanding
      what RE means as well. We need to be consistent in our
      name or we reduce our visibilty.

      --- ChasMauch@... wrote:
      > Hello Mike and Fellow HREGers,
      > Sorry to be so long getting back on this but been
      > kinda swamped. Finally
      > spoke with Alison Dodson, Exec. Dir. of the
      > Citizen's Environmental
      > Coalition, about HREG becoming a member of CEC. I
      > think I told you all
      > previously that she had sent me some forms asking
      > for quite a bit of stuff
      > that we don't have, such as:
      > Copy of our Purpose or Mission Statement;
      > Proof of non-profit status;
      > List of members of board of directors
      > I explained our status as a sort of informal club or
      > whatever and told her
      > that we plan to become (or maybe already are?) a
      > local chapter of the TxSES.
      > She said that would work fine. What we basically
      > need to do is to change our
      > name to the Texas Solar Energy Society, Local
      > Chapter. Then we could provide
      > a copy of the TxSES by-laws which should contain
      > their purpose or mission
      > statement, their 501c3 status letter, and a listing
      > of the members of their
      > board of directors.
      > I think we need to go ahead and do this. As
      > previously stated, there are
      > advantages to being affiliated with the TxSES and a
      > member of CEC. We would
      > be listed in their directory and their newsletter
      > and would have a seat on
      > the environmental roundtable which I volunteered to
      > do unless someone else
      > wants to.
      > Let me know what you all think, and we probably need
      > to check with TxSES too.
      > Charlie Mauch
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