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10277RE: [hreg] Re: Using Hemp to build homes

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  • Ed Sarlls
    Dec 18, 2010

      That sounded like an easy question. Google gives many sources of opinion and historical reference. It has been used for thousands of years, … Specific strength values and insulation numbers are a bit elusive. My old Kent’s Mechanical Engineers Handbook stated that it is a good valve packing when combined with tallow.


      Here is a link to a PhD Thesis for Anders Thygesen, Risø National Laboratory , Roskilde ,Denmark




      Cotton/hemp diapers (from China) L



      Good hemp rope will bear the following weights, according to size:






















      I finally found a relative good chart at http://www-materials.eng.cam.ac.uk/mpsite/short/OCR/ropes/default.html

      These are “specific “ Properties. Hemp is comparable to steel (according to the figure) on a weight basis , not on an equal size basis.






























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      What I want to know is - is help really a miracle fiber, or are being just excited about it because they associate in with marijuana in their minds? For every use for hemp, is it the bext possible material for that use, or is it just that it's usable for that purpose? Could anyone recommend an online scientific reference related to the properties of hemp?



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      Consistent with  Wikipedia


      Cannabis sativa L. subsp. sativa var. sativa is the variety grown for industrial use, while C. sativa subsp. indica generally has poor fibre quality and is primarily used for production of recreational and medicinal drugs.





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      The US laws are not just archaic – they were manipulated by powerful paper/wood industry lobbyists who outlawed their competition.  Hemp has so many uses – it’s one of the most multi-use renewable plants around.   My understanding is that Hemp is not a marijuana plant – but a cousin.



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      The problem is, people have this misconception that importing hemp will mean that everyone is getting high... but as Ron Paul famously said in his speech in Minneapolis in 2008... "You'd need to smoke a joint the size of a telephone pole." Too bad the folks that make the laws know so little about science.

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      The problem is archaic laws here in the US prevent us from importing Hemp. Otherwise, it would be very cheap as well.


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