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10247Re: [hreg] No New Drilling in Gulf for Seven Years

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  • pchelectricoftexas@yahoo.com
    Dec 1, 2010

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      Not unless everyone is driving an electric car.... which will take at least 15+ years to switch over our current fleet, will be more hybrid than true electric and exclude trucks and buses.  Solar and renewables do not compete with oil.  They are competing with cheap and plentiful coal.
      Instead, it will only mean higher gasoline prices as we beceme even more dependant on imported oil.  While this would accerate the move to electric vehicles, it will hit those unable to spend $25,000+ on a new car the hardest.
      Although the reported ban is limited to the Eastern Gulf, where drilling is currently not allowed, it is still a short sighed idea.

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      Subject: [hreg] No New Drilling in Gulf for Seven Years


      If this is indeed true, opportunity for solar and other renewables perhaps?

      Oluwaseun (Seun) Oyeniran
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