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10170RE: [hreg] Solar Tour Guide for Saturday

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  • Robert Johnston
    Oct 1, 2010

      Really nice job to all involved!  Great looking tour and guide.


      One question:  Does anyone check the claimed energy savings?  They seem to me to be grossly inflated in several cases.  For example, the Riser home (p. 10) is said to provide 4374 kWh annually, providing $1740 worth of energy annually.  That’s $0.40/kwh!!  Nobody pays that kind of rate.  By comparison, Burghli Homes (also p. 10) says their system provides 6208 kwh or $930/yr worth of energy.  That works out to $0.15/kwh which is still high but not too far from reality (around $0.10/kwh currently).  Am I missing something, or are some of these figures inflated?




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      The Houston Solar Tour Guide is posted at:
      (click at bottom right corner to download) so you can preview and decide where to visit tomorrow.

      There is no need to print this because hard copies will be available when you arrive at the Solar Social (9-12 at U of H) or at your first tour site (starting at noon).

      Many thanks to Kathleen Reardon for once again leading the effort to create this beautiful and informative guide booklet for our tour.

      See you on the tour!


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