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  • ...Citizens State Bank c/o Joel Zucker Memorial Fund P.O. Box 6 Silverton, Colorado 81433 . Thanks for a great Hardrock, Charlie thorncha@^$1 505.662.2397
    Charles Thorn Jul 17
  • ...201.7 204.0 14-15 27 55.3 67.6 95.5 114.2 129.4 152.4 Past years' averages = 34.1 57.9 90.2 120.9 144.2 164.3 171.2 Charlie Thorn thorncha@^$1
    Charles Thorn Jun 3
  • Hardrockers, The 2015 Hardrock Runners' Manual has been posted to our web site ( http://hardrock100.com/HRH2015runnersmanual.pdf ). Among other details, your can find the course marking schedule in section 9, page 11. We'll begin course marking on Monday, June 29. There is no need to sign up or make a reservation. Just show up. I hope to see you there. Charlie
    Charles Thorn May 18
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  • Well, not exactly, but some of you nerds may enjoy this article about how you navigate, what happens when you get distracted (and by extension, really tired), and whether you already have Alzheimer's disease. (NFI) Charlie http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/the-brain-cells-behind-a-sense-of-direction/?WT.mc_id=SA_MB_20150513
    Charles Thorn May 13
  • Hardrockers, I received word that my friend and Hardrock co-founder, John Cappis', wife, Lona, passed away last month. Below is her obituary. Most everyone knew John but Lona kept in the running background, always supporting John but not an active runner. I've talked with John and he seems to be in good spirits, considering the circumstances. I'd like to encourage anyone who knew...
    Charles Thorn May 6
  • ...188.9 201.7 204 14-15 27 55.3 67.6 95.5 114.2 129.4 Past years' averages = 34.1 57.9 90.2 120.9 144.2 164.3 171.2 Charlie Thorn thorncha@^$1
    Charles Thorn May 4
  • There are three other books that should be mentioned, all by Allen Nossaman. Nossaman was the living expert on SIlveton history until his death a few years. He was also the town Judge and owner/editor of the Silverton Standard and Monitor, I think during the 60s. He devoted his retirement years to documenting Silverton history and published the first three volumes of a planned long...
    Charles Thorn Mar 4
  • A must read for anyone who wants to get a feel of Silverton mining 100 years ago is "Snowflakes and Quartz" by Louis Wyman. His dad built the Wyman Hotel. Moving forward a couple of decades is "Mining the Hardrock", a set of great Silverton mining stories, many about mines on the Hardrock course. Charlie
    Charles Thorn Mar 3
  • Hardrockers, This Kris Maxfield article was posted in the Silverton Standard on October 31. http://www.silvertonstandard.com/news.php?id=790 Charlie
    Charles Thorn Nov 3, 2014
  • I learned this weekend that Kristina Maxfield passed away on Friday, October 24 after a long and painful battle with cancer. She had been hospitalized in Montrose for at least a month. Many of you remember Kristina as the original Hardrock Run Director. As co-RD during the lean years of Hardrock up through about 1997, she worked tirelessly to get Hardrock off the ground and...
    Charles Thorn Oct 27, 2014