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  • Hardrockers, I've gone through the three Hardrock drop bags not picked up and will mail the non food stuff back in the next couple of days. The lost and found box had a number of clothes and hardware items. If you think you may have left something in it, contact me OFFLINE and I'll return it. Thanks, Charlie thorncha@^$1
    Charles Thorn Aug 4
  • Hardrockers, I've gotten curious about what the SPOT receivers show as distance traveled during the Hardrock run. It's certainly different from what the course description shows. I'd greatly appreciate anyone who can remember what their SPOT receivers showed as mileage at the end and at any other points you can remember. Please contact me off line if you still have any memory left...
    Charles Thorn Jul 22
  • ...making a difference. So, please contribute by mailing your check or making an online per the instructions below. Sincerely, Charlie Thorn ======================== To donate on line, follow these instrutions: 1. Go to the Community Foundation serving Southwest Collorado...
    Charles Thorn Jul 19
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  • ...Community Foundation serving Southwest Colorado PO Box 1673 Durango, CO 81302 Thanks again for your generous donations. Charlie Thorn
    Charles Thorn Jul 19
  • ...171.5 16-17 23.9 65.9 162.8 192.4 232.7 241.2 251.2 Past Hardrock years' averages: 33.9 59.0 90.6 120.0 143.0 162.8 170.5 Charlie Thorn
    Charles Thorn Jul 6
  • As announced previously, here is the revised trail marking schedule: Thursday, July 6 - KT to Mineral Creek Friday, July 7 - Chapman to KT Saturday, July 8 - 2 Teams: Maggie to Sherman & Burrows Park to Grouse This schedule may change and, if so, I'll send changes to the HRH List. Charlie
    Charles Thorn Jul 6
  • Hardrockers, Tomorrow, Monday, July 3rd, we'll be marking Virginius from both Telluride and Governor Basin in two groups. Those who want to go up from Telluride, meet at the Telluride City Park, near the aid station, at 9 AM. Those who want to mark up from Governor Basin, meet at 9 AM the first Camp Bird Road turn about 100 yards up from US550 if you need a shuttle up. If you're...
    Charles Thorn Jul 2
  • Everyone is welcome and we're not over crowded. Thanks, Charlie
    Charles Thorn Jul 2
  • Hardrockers, Due to snow conditions in American Basin, it's not feasible to mark that section tomorrow. As a result of the snow and a couple of other circumstances, I'm adjusting the course marking schedule as shown below. The adjustment is to move course marking one day forward for all sections except for Chapman to KT which will remain as scheduled for Friday, July 7. The Maggie...
    Charles Thorn Jul 1
  • ...on the documentation of life in the West. I highly recommend reading this book, whether or not you can attend this talk. Charlie Thorn ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: < HR100@^$1 > Date: Thu, Jun 22, 2017 at 7:37 PM Subject: [HR100] Digest Number 1735...
    Charles Thorn Jun 22