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photo requests, and stuff

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  • Deb
    Hey all, Photo Request: We re hoping to put together a CD with photos and music about this year s run. While Steve took quite a few photos, we d like to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 16, 2004
      Hey all,
      Photo Request:
      We're hoping to put together a CD with photos and music about this year's run. While Steve took quite a few photos, we'd like to collect more to add to the slideshow. Sooooo.... if you have photos you would like included, whether of the course, aid stations, family, friends, yourself puking at an aid station... whatever, we'd love to have them. If you have them on a website that we can download, that'd be easy enough. Or email us a few of your favorites. Anything that shows the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat and anything in between.... We'll be glad to make a copy of the finished product and mail you one if you want it. If anyone's seen the Bandera CD that we put together, then you know sort of what we're talking about. If not, then, trust me, it's sure to be a collector's item. :-)

      I was doing okay with the DNF this year, since it was basically due to factors out of my control. That is, until Dale finished the awards (what a fantastic job Dale does with this EVERY year - it's worth the price of admission). He held up that little jar labeled "Hopes and Dreams", and all of a sudden I got the lump in the throat and the tears welled up in the eyes. I hadn't realized, or maybe I just hadn't LET myself realize, just how much I had invested in the run this year, time, training, financially, and emotionally. But seeing that little jar, I lost it. Finishing Hardrock isn't just a challenge. It isn't just a race. It isn't just another event. It is sort of the Quest for the Holy Grail - the Place Where Dreams Reside - The Journey Home...The Fellowship of the Ring....all wrapped up together. In all honesty, I am devastated by the failure to finish this year. Maybe because we were better trained and better acclimated than ever before - I felt very strong going into the run, had been doing great during training... and then, wham! my lungs start burning like crazy before we even reach the Shrine going out of town, and nothing I did could get things working again. And, for some reason, not only did the asthma crank up, but nausea plagued me from about 3 miles on out. It was just all so damned frustrating. And, I dropped back to basically last place in those first few miles, and was totally alone for the next 12 hours. Feeling miserable is bad enough. Feeling miserable and being all alone is the pits! Well, I still have the race number pinned on my shorts. I've decided it's staying there till next year. I hope the lottery gods will smile again.

      Steve was right... it's a long drive home when you don't finish.....

      send those photos!

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