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Re: [hr100] Attachments

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  • Stan Jensen
    ... Tim (and others), It s a good thing that you can t open that attachment. E-mails with That movie as the subject line are a result of the SoBig
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 27, 2003
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      Tim Seminoff wrote:

      > Is it just my email system or can someone help?
      > Many times when I receive an hr100 message, I am directed to "See the
      > attached file for details" but there is no attachment.
      > This is what I see:
      > Message: 1
      > Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2003 8:56:56 --0600
      > From: <StanJ@...>
      > Subject: Re: That movie
      > See the attached file for details
      > [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
      > Thanks for any info.
      > Tim Seminoff

      Tim (and others),

      It's a good thing that you can't open that attachment. E-mails with
      "That movie" as the subject line are a result of the SoBig worm/virus.
      My system is not infected (I'm certain), but infected systems that have
      my e-mail address stored in certain files have caused numerous messages
      to be sent to me and "apparently" from me (as was that posting to the
      HR100 list. I'm currently getting several hundred e-mails a day as a
      result of this problem and can't wait for 9/13, when it's due to stop.

      Stan Jensen, 327 Greenway Dr., Pacifica, CA 94044-2920
      http://www.Run100s.com/ mailto:StanJ@...
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