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RE: [hr100] Digest Number 297: Runner Questionnaire

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  • Keith Knipling
    I would like to add my $0.02 regarding the questionnaire that Charlie sent out - this may be causing some of you problems. I use a PC and Microsoft Outlook as
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2003
      I would like to add my $0.02 regarding the questionnaire that Charlie
      sent out - this may be causing some of you problems.

      I use a PC and Microsoft Outlook as my e-mail client and whenever I
      receive an attachment from people using Macs (only an issue with Macs)
      the attachment does not show up. It is there, but is apparently
      inaccessible. The solution I have found is to pretend like you want to
      forward the message to a third party. Just hit "Forward" and a new
      message will open with the forward of Charlie's message. In this
      forward you will see the attachment. You do not actually have to send
      the forward - just go through the act like you want to forward it to
      someone and in the new message your are "sending" you will be able to
      access the attachment.

      Hardrock was wonderful this year. The only real concern I had were with
      some of the course marking, as I nearly got lost on a few occasions.
      However, this is the nature of the beast - you can only mark those
      trails so well. The aid stations seemed especially good this year. I
      thought the radios were a wonderful idea - whenever I arrived at an AS
      my drop bag was open and waiting. The course, the people, everything -
      it was idyllic.

      Happy trails,



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      1. 2003 Hardrock Runner Feedback
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      Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 09:48:34 -0600
      From: "Charles T. Thorn" <thorn@...>
      Subject: 2003 Hardrock Runner Feedback

      Every year, the Hardrock run organization requests feedback on how
      well we conducted the run so that we can make improvements and tso we
      can understand our community impacts.

      Yesterday, I sent the 2003 Hardrock questionnaire to all the runners
      with email addresses that I have. Several of those emails have
      bounced because the email addresses are no longer valid.

      So, if you were a 2003 Hardrock starter (whether or not you finished)
      and did not receive the questionnaire, please contact me off this
      list at thorn@... and I'll send you the Word file questionnaire.
      You can complete that file and email it back or print is and mail it
      to me.

      Thanks for the several completed responses that I've already
      received. I hope every runner takes this opportunity to provide us
      with their thoughts so we can make Hardrock even better in the future.



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